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See the game-changing performance of SINUMERIK CNC

Siemens controls can provide you the greatest returns on your CNC machine investments. View our expanding CNC video library and see the game-changing performance SINUMERIK controls bring to milling, turning, grinding, and multi-axis waterjet cutting applications. We provide clear direction through easy-to-follow tutorials designed to maximize your knowledge and use of SINUMERIK CNC.

Speak the language of today’s digital workforce with a human machine interface that accelerates operations and amplifies performance.

Optimize your investments with a CNC platform that enables the move to 5-axis machining, mixed-technology, and kinematics integration.

Streamline production processes and reduce costs by learning how to easily adapt the automation practices of larger manufacturers.

Manage design through production with the CNC platform that can leverage today’s digitally-driven machine tool systems and products.

Customer Testimonials

Spyder Manufacturing by Siemens control

Learn from your peers how Sinumerik CNC helps them to realize greater returns on their machines, people, and operations. Check out our expansive library of CNC success stories by owners and operators. Then see how machine tool OEMs and dealers are bringing added performance and control features to their machines and to their customers with Sinumerik CNC.

Virtual CNC Training

Chris Pollack by Siemens control in Siemens Training Center

Digitalization impacts almost every part of our lives, and training is no exception. Enhance your CNC expertise online by watching our professional-series webinars. Utilizing our exclusive SinuTrain CNC simulation software, these webinars will show you how to maximize your investments in SINUMERIK CNC right from the comfort of your own computer.

CNC Certification and Career Readiness

Students with instructor at 840D Control

Conversational CNC is fluent in the language of student engagement. See how progressive high schools and colleges are producing career-ready graduates, certified with advanced machining skills, to meet the demands of today’s manufacturers. Siemens Lifelong Educational Advantage Program (LEAP) provides instructors with a robust curriculum covering basic-to-advanced CNC machining, including 5-axis training, placing certified students on a path to obtain the best, highest-paying positions at the best companies.

More Reasons

Siemens control family

Control your future with the CNC platform that provides your operations the industry-leading features it needs to compete. Tour the Sinumerik Operate interface as demonstrated on 828D control. Learn about our total customer support team and all the ways we can help you maximize your returns on CNC.